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The Shuga Shack, Louisiana

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Line UP 2017

Saturday 30 September 7.30pm £12
Sarah Savoy Cajun Band
Venue: King Charles Hall, 3 Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells TN2 5TA

Sarah performs traditional Louisiana Cajun music, reaching back as far as its earliest roots with covers of Amédée Ardoin, Joe and Cleoma Falcon and Iry LeJeune among many others, and up to more modern influences such as Sarah's cousin Steve Riley, Helen Boudreaux and Jason Frey, as well as recalling powerful numbers by her parents. The band’s original songs, written by Savoy and Gerard Dole, provide Sarah with an opportunity to speak with a voice until now virtually unheard in traditional Cajun music.

Sarah sings in celebration of the modern woman, strong, independent, and fun-loving, rather than only lamenting the traditional position of la femme abandonee. Keeping her audiences dancing, Sarah belts out sassy blues, growls through honky-tonk-inspired Cajun songs of the 1940s and 50s, and wails the bitterness of some of Cajun music’s most forlorn waltzes. Adding a particularly interesting element to their sets to fully demonstrate the influences that these genres had on the artists who wrote some of the most popular songs in Cajun music today.

Contact Lynne and Steve 01892 533493 or cajunbarn@outlook.com www.cajunbarn.co.uk Tickets on the door


Thursday 19 October 7.30pm £10
The Cajun Roosters Big Band
Hell Yeah! Europe's Cajun Creole supergroup Venue: The Con Club, 139 High Street, Lewes, BN7 1XS.

The Cajun Roosters Big Band are a multi-talented and multi-award winning truly international band, bringing together some of the finest and most experienced Cajun and Zydeco musicians in Europe. With a reputation as one of the most authentic Cajun and Zydeco bands around they are at the forefront of the scene, earning them headline festival appearances in Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium and Italy. They love playing blues, jazz, folk and roots festivals, as well as Cajun/Zydeco festivals as their repertoire appeals to many audiences.

This repertoire includes not just Cajun and Zydeco but also Swamp Blues, Louisiana Rock ‘n Roll, Creole and New Orleans beats. They have also carved out a reputation as one of the most popular headline bands on the summer outdoor stage circuit winning over big audiences in city squares all over Europe many of whom have never heard Cajun or Zydeco music before! It's going to be a great night, hell yeah!

Contact Lynne and Steve 01892 533493 or cajunbarn@outlook.com www.cajunbarn.co.uk Tickets on the door

Saturday 30 December 7.30pm £10
The Cajunbarn Nearly New Year Party with Eric Martin & The Cajun Ramblers
Venue: The Con Club, 139 High Street, Lewes, BN7 1XS.

It's been more than thirty years since Eric Martin fell into the Cajun pot. Born in 1959, he started violin at the age of 17 and then learned the melodeon in 1979. He stayed in Louisiana in '79, '80, and 1998, where he met the principal Cajun musicians of the period:. Dewey Balfa, Marc Savoy, D.L.Menard, Sady Courville and Denis McGee with whom he performed in many dance halls around the area.. Before joining Vermenton Plage in 1983, Eric performed in France under his own name and with several bands and has recorded several tracks on an album with the French singer Hugues Auffray.

The band plays music rooted deep in the Cajun culture and in their hands old songs are brought back to life. The group doesn't play this music in a sophisticated way, what counts is the emotion and the force that it releases. The musicians, Eric Martin on accordion, violin, lapsteel and vocals, Isabelle Martin on violin and vocals, Gurvan Martin on violin and vocals, Guillaume Martin on bass and vocals, Kenan Martin on drums bring their own sensitivity on how to interpret the songs, giving them a unique and intense sound.

This family play strong and from the heart, full of Cajun soul and energy, Eric is a master accordion player and as much like the real deal as any you'll find outside the prairies and bayous. We are delighted he is back performing on stage and so pleased to have his band playing at The Cajunbarn for our Nearly New Years do..

Contact Lynne and Steve 01892 533493 or cajunbarn@outlook.com www.cajunbarn.co.uk Tickets on the door


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